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How To Create PC-BSD USB Boot

Install PC-BSD to USB/Pendrive

(8gb usb stick recommended)


  1. Download the usb image from PC-BSD mirror.
  2. Verify that the image (.img) is not corrupt.
  3. Download SUSE Studio from: http://cloud.github.com/downloads/openSUSE/kiwi/ImageWriter.exe
  4. Open imagewriter.exe and do where it say "file name" you need to write *.* to see .IMG and .ISO (some bug?) locate the the PC BSD usb image you downloaded and click  "copy" MAKE SURE YOU WRITE IT TO YOUR USB STICK/MEM AND NoT! YOUR HDD or other media... i told you now so dont blame me ;)
  5. Wait and wait one its done you will get a notice you should then be able to boot from the usb stick and install this GREAT FreeBSD/PC-BSD Desktop!
  6. Enjoy as always with 6! =)

7 "optional" but the best for all Pc-BSD or BSD fans BUY a CD/DVD/USB Stck with the Distro of your choice pre-istalled that way we support the BSD community, If you can buy something i am sure every cent can help hiereing or hardware.

The Definitive Guide to PC-BSD Book four **** of 6 stars :)

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